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Low-Fi house in London - We do not have to sacrifice creativity, energy or ourselves! The underground must manifest itself. It must not be the afterthought, but the unconscious driving force. Impossible to organize, this silent daily struggle...
house to share in london

Fusion project in Salvador da Bahia - Enjoy social work and, at the same time, experience directly favela culture. You can have free accommodation and get paid if you get involved in our projects.
logo fusion

Boom Festival - Today Boom is a global phenomenon, participants from 80 different countries made this an intercultural gathering where people met with no prejudice. It started as a music festival and became an intergenerational, interdisciplinary and intercultural gathering.
boom festival

The Zeitgeist Movement - The Means are the Ends. How science, nature and technology (rather than religion, politics and money) hold the keys to our personal growth, not only as individual human beings, but as a civilization, both structurally and spiritually.
boom festival

Universo Paralello - The Festival’s natural path is towards Alternative Culture and we would like to push it even further into the realms of multiculturalism. We will bring you not only the most representative names of national and global electronic music, but also a wide array of parallel activities: art and culture, shaped into workshops, shows and performances by artists from the four corners of the world.
universo paralello festival

OZORA Festival - WHERE THE UNREAL BECOMES REALITY, Ozora, Hungary. Anniversary Special Edition, Juno Reactor, Shpongle, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Hallucinogen and other 49.
ozora festival

93 feet east - Dedicated to combine some of the finest in global ethnic ambient music with performance art, mind stimulating visuals, unexpected soundbites... all set within an immersive environment.
idspiral music art

caffe' 1001 - Passengers and customers meet up and mixes due to the very intimate atmosphere created by brick lane multicultural identity.
mafia dance festival

Reinbow serpent festival - 2011 promises to be another amazing long weekend with a lineup that we honestly feel could be our best ever. Diversity will once again abound with some of the most talented DJ's, producers and bands from across the globe and Australia converging on Western Victoria.
mafia dance festival

inSpiral - is built on the belief that each of us can contribute in a meaningful way to a better future. Planetary health starts deep within us all and we make about what we eat are hugely important, not only for our own wellbeing, but to a much larger extent the entire planet we inhabit.

Free English School - Westminster Kingsway College is a large college in central London, based at six centres in Camden and Westminster. The college offers a wide range of further, adult and higher education programmes, which are available for people of all ages from sixteen years upwards.
Free English School