Webzine for funky travellers about cults, nightlife trends and hedonistic rituals in Salvador da Bahia. Brazil guide, tips & advice tours. Live in Favela Republic and produce Ancestral Beats! We create strong relationship and feeling with local people by setting up several social and cultural projects so that it becomes very easy for everyone turns into a no stress guide for innocent gringos!

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Salvador da Bahia is the Dionysian vision of the world itself! The African spirit of the carnival as remission of the sorrow in the world! The largest Afro-Brazilian-Community where writers, singers and other artists have found inspiration that only Rio can rival. A lush tropical setting, the rhythms of afoxe', the dance-martial-art of capoeira and the spirituality of candomble' make Salvador da Bahia a unique place on earth.

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The rituals of hedonism manifest themselves in Brazil’s highly developed beach culture, music, dancing, in the annual celebrations of carnival, cuisines and in the most tolerant attitude to sexuality, gay and straight, that you will find anywhere in South America.

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